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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Writings

Sorry I've been away for so long, but writing and a new job have a tendency to divert my attention (okay, Warcraft may have played into my lack of posts as well as my growing proficiency in taking naps).  In addition to continuing work on 'The Return of the Sagan', I completed a archaeological-centered, fantasy short story while also beginning a new guide for college students/job seekers.  As for the Sagan novel, I am more than 50% through the story and very close to the characters landing on/exploring Earth.  As an archaeologists, I've seen what 1 century can do to an abandoned city.  The crew members in the Sagan novel are witnessing what happens to an abandoned city 300 years after people evacuate.  I'm rather excited about what readers will get to "see" in this book; they're being taken on a tour of an archaeological site from the eyes of an archaeologist (me).  Additionally, the main character is a fantasy and scifi enthusiast and spends time quoting lines from great fantasy/scifi books and movies (okay, so that is something I do daily, but I digress).  There will be a dark side to the Sagan crew's discoveries.  However, I also am inputting messages of hope into the story.  The novel is certainly under the heading of Dystopian, but as with my other books/stories, hope will play a major role in things.  Well, hope and Irish humor.   :)