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Friday, January 27, 2012

Writing: Finding Inspiration and Guidance

For me, David Eddings and Dennis McKiernan remain incredible guides to the writing process. Not just because of the words they place in their novels, but becuase of their publishing of their experiences while developing their works. Their honesty in prologues and biographical statements made their writings more tangible, accessible. Through social media, I have now started to interact with other authors, some of whom have been similarly forthcoming with their experiences, which I think is a great learning tool for all authors. Two writers in particular, Kristen Lamb and Bob Mayer, consttently post advice that I have found useful (see If you are looking for writing direction, their websites are a great place to start.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hope in a Bottle

Happy New Year! The cover is in for my coming book, Hope in a Bottle. I will post details of publication dates as soon as they ae available.
So, did everyone have a great holiday season? Me, I spent much of my time sick and curled up on the couch (yeah, writing did not get done to any extent - it's hard to write when you have a sinus headache). As for the new year, I also didn't come up with any resolutions. For my part, just trying to be an all-around better husband, brother, uncle and person are daily objectives (no, I'm not always successful, but I do try). If you have set 'resolutions' for the year, I hope you remember one thing. We are all human, and any goals we set should leave room for change, change no only in circumstances but in our hopes and dreams. There is nothing wrong with falling short on a goal. Just make sure you take pride in your effort, dust yourself off, re-evaluate your objectives and move on. Best wishes to all!