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Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Success

So here we are, December 1st. As for the November Project? I completed a Novella titled HOPE IN A BOTTLE. It's about a priest who finds a way to encourage others even while he's stuck on a desrted island, his only companions a seagull and a rabbit (both of whom are more comic relief than companion). For me, this writing exercise has been rather uplifting as it permitted me to put in words struggles I've faced and the advice/support I received that helped me make it through. Edited and forwarded to my publisher, I'm hoping the book will be accepted and published in the coming months. Regardless, this project has been quite worthwhile, bringing me some closure and a renewed sense of Hope. I hope readers will get a sense of Hope from the book once it is released. Take care everyone!

Best wishes to everyone through the Christmas and Holiday Season!

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