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Monday, June 27, 2011

New Release

It's been a busy few months with writing. Rcently, my publsher accepted another of my books for publication. The book is titled Secrets to Attaining College Success, which is currently in ebook format only. As a professional tutor and academic advisor, the book contains tips on how to make it through college with good grades and a solid retention of class material/information. A support website for the book can be found at; this blog will have information in addition to the book's material. As with VLARA'S SONG, my earnings from Secrets to Attaining College Success will be sent by my publisher directly to a not-for-profit institution that I care deeply about. This time, the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society (BECHS) will be receiving the funds. BECHS is one of the oldest museums in the country and contains artifacts from important moments in history including the Pan-American Exposition (including artifacts related to the assassination of President McKinley and TR's Innauguration), the War of 1812, Buffalo's great industrial past, and sports -related artifacts from the Bills, Sabres, Bisons, Braves and other buffalo teams.

BECHS is also the place where I first gained fulltime employment as an archaeologist. While I no longer work at BECHS, the collections remain dear to me, which is why I asked my publisher to forward my royalties from this work to BECHS.

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  1. I hope students find this book and associated website to be a great resource, especially at times when academic support services are unavailable.