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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vlara's Song continues

Hello everyone! I hope your holiday activities aren't too overwhelming!

I just posted three new chapters of 'VLARA'S SONG' on the blog. I would appreciate any feedback readers provide. As of now, I am nearing completion of the entire story (I plan on posting the entire story on the blog after it is completed and my reader has read the entire manuscript. The story (novella length) will be the anchor story for an anthology. All Author proceeds from the anthology will be donated to an institution that's dear to my heart: Buffalo State College. A dear friend has been working on cover ideas, which I think are amazing. All in all, I'm hoping to have everything ready for the publisher by February.

That said, I have been working on another project that means a great deal to me. I submitted a short memoir concerning my experience battlling OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). I have been battling OCD my whole life and only recently (June 2007) asked for assistance. I hoped that writing about my experiences would help encourage other OCD sufferers to not wait like I did to speak up and ask for help. I've come to accept that I needed assistance in dealing with OCD and realize it takes strength to ask for help. If you know anyone suffering from OCD or any anxiety disorder, encourage them to seek help.

As for my memoir (titled: BELLWOOD, ME AND OCD), I will update everyone when I am informed of its release date. Best wishes to everyone for Merry tidings in the coming weeks and year.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let it Snow!!!

The Buffalo area is finally getting snow, which has been very uplifting for me. I've written more in the last two weeks (since the snow started to fall) than I had in the previous 6 months or so. VLARA'S SONG is nearly complete. It will be compiled with short stories (an anthology); publication aimed towards the Spring. Author proceeds of the book I am planning on donating to my alma mater (Buffalo State College) - I will give you specifics when the book is set to print. Additionally, A-Argus, my publisher, is publishing an anthology of short stories (3 of my shorts are in the anthology). Proceeds of that anthology are going to 'Reach out and Read.' This anthology should be out soon; I will post you when it hits shelves. I hope everyone is having a good holiday season!

p.s. I will post additional chapters of Vlara's Song in the next two weeks. Take care.