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Monday, August 16, 2010

Environmenatl Details

Environmental details in which a story unfolds are crucial to a reader's enjoyment/understanding of the story. Considering the details [from the writer's perspective] also helps in finding the best way to take a story. Any time a writer is stuck on which direction a story should take, taking time to expand upon the environmental details can often assist the writer in finding the best, most believable path for the story to take.

Those are not the only environmental details an author should consider...

I found myself struggling throughout July to get my thoughts onto paper. This weekend proved to be similarly difficult for writing as I tried to get thru the 1st chapter of a new novel I'm working on. I was sitting in the same seat I wrote PEOPLE OF THE SWORD in and at the same time of day I found to be conducive to my writing. After hours of staring at the computer screen getting out little bits of detail, but no dialogue, I made one change and, suddenly, the words started to flow. You see, while I was writing my first book, my wife was always in the room working on her exhibit scripts while a DVD of NCIS episodes was playing in the background. When my wife got home, we put in NCIS and immediately I made progress. Moral of the posting - keep careful track of all the little things [regarding your environment] that make writing easier. From my experience, writer's block usually happens when such environmental details are overlooked.

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