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Friday, August 6, 2010

Calling Wren

OK, as if three novels at once wasn't enough...

I'm currently putting my archaeological experience to work while writing a histoical fiction piece titled 'Calling Wren.' The story follows an Erie Iroquoian who is captured by the Seneca. The time-frame of the novel is 1655 (late fall) thru Spring of 1656 and will cover the disperion of the Erie confederacy at the hands of the Haudenosaune (the 5 nations commonly called 'the Iroquois). Calling Wren is the captured Erie, and thru him, readers will get a glimpse at Iroquoian culture and the historical events that precipitated the Erie's demise. My longhouse research will play heavily in the construction of Erie society and their relations to neighboring Native American Nations. I'll update the blog as I complete more; chapter 1 is already near completion. Take care.

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