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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting Unblocked

So there I was... looking over the paragraphs I struggled to write Tuesday. Three bloody words I changed, and now I actually like how the scene progressed. Moral of the story... put your writing down and let it rest a day. The book is historical fiction about the Iroquoian speaking nation called "The Erie." The book itself, while fictional, is based on my research, primarily my archaeological excavations and examinations of data from Buffalo area colleges and museums. I will post more information about this novel as I get further into the writing, which should move quicker now that I finished that bloody scene.

So, here we are, the first day of the month. I plan on writing a new blog entry every day. In addition to updating readers on the progree of my writings, I will also try and give a bit of advice to other writers, advice I wish I had early on when I started this journey. For today, let me suggest one thing. Find 'readers' early on who will give you honest, CRITICAL feedback on you story line and characters. Doing so will help you find shortfalls in your writing quicker. Those same readers may offer good direction on how to correct those shortfalls. Take care.

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