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Friday, July 2, 2010

Do people really talk that way...

Morning. I wanted to take a moment to discuss complaints I commonly hear about books (including my own). Let me start by saying, I am a realist - some people aren't going to like the book. Amazingly enough, I learned this by the fact that the comments I received from publishers and agents indicated that what one publisher liked, another wanted changed. Now, I have shelled out too much money on books produced by major houses ripe with typos and spelling errors. That aside, the issue of how authors create dialogue often gets critiqued (I myself have questioned why authors picked certain dialoque for scenes). How do I come up with dialogue? I guess that's really the best way to explain my approach. You see, everyone of us encounters different individuals every day. The way these individuals communicate forms the basis for our knowledge of how people speak. That aside, I'm also a professional anthropologist... I'm trained to observe how people communicate. When I develop dialogue I consider how my family, friends and contacts interact and communicate. I try and make the conversations as realistic as I possibly can. I can't explain why other authors write dialogue the way they do. I can only say that any dialogue you encounter in my writings reflects conversations I've observed. Scary isn't it! Take care.

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