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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back on my feet

OK, so there I was, awake Monday morning.... and I couldn't hear out of my right ear! Went to the doc, had the bloody thing fixed (all is well). For some reason, that got my writing juices flowing (hearing problems solve writer's block?). Anyway, writing 3 books at once, and things are starting to finally move at a good pace. As for the immediate future, I have a few short stories that will be published in an anthology later this summer. The stories are part of the historical backdrop of PEOPLE OF THE SWORD. As for this July, I am aiming to provide daily updates on each of the three books I am writing. They include:

1) Vlara's Song
2) Rise of the Celts
3) Calling Wren, Fallen Squirrel

The 1st two are a part of the "realm" of PEOPLE OF THE SWORD. The third book (Calling Wren) is a historical fiction novel detailing native american Iroquois populations during the early contact period (I am incorporating my archaeological research into that one).

I hope you enjoy the coming blog posts. As always, comments/feedback appreciated. Take care.


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