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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back from trip to Germany

I spent the last two weeks in Germany. Aside from a few luggage snaffus and a airline strike that made it necessary to suddenly change flight plans right before leaving for home, all went amazingly. Germany is such a beautiful country, as are its citizens. Friendly atmosphere, good food, great friends and a rich history that included the Neanderthal museum, castles and a number of magnificent churches (visiting the churches with the remains of the three Magi as well as the church containing Christ's Tunic were especially moving). On top of all this, I was able to break thru on some stumbling blocks I was facing in my writing. Additionally, I submitted a book on study techniques for college students, which my publsiher is planning to publish. I will update everyone as the book gets closer to publication.

As for the next novel in the series, I made a critical breakthrough on a serious problem. How was I to balance the power of the sword versus its enemies. I believe I worked it out so the coming conflicts will be more realistic and add obstacles for the heroes.

I am also now working on a stand-alone novel (historical fiction) about the Iroquoian peoples that occupied western New York about 500 years ago (the Erie). The storyline has been mapped out and the character list generated. Chapter 1 is almost complete. My hope is to have Vlara's Song and this historical fiction manuscript (currently titled CALLIN WREN, FALLING SQUIRREL) compeklted by mid summer. Here's hoping. Take care.

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