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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How I come up with my cast of characters

Hi everyone,

'Vlara's Song' and 'Rise of the Celts' are progressing. I will be posting the next chapter of 'Vlara's Song' soon afterwhich I will be focusing my primary attention on the book. No additional chapters will be posted until the book is complete [I hope to have the book completed by lated Spring]. As for the characters that populate my books, I thought a little background info would be useful for readers so they understood better just how I come up with this stuff.

For me, the "quest" is oviously an essential part of the story. However, the cast of adventurers in everybook are often a starting point for me. I think of the people I surround myself with in life and develop characters of similar dispositions. Why? I find a character that's me inevery book, a necessity for me. Then I think of my friend and family [i.e. who do I want to hang out with]. Then I consider what we, as a group, would like to do. Yes, in other words, I have my compatriots and see what we want to do any given evening. Traveling and accomplishing a task always is made easier and more exciting when you are sharing the experience with loved-ones. Hence, the development of the characters often supercedes the identification of an quest. Now, there will be times that I recognize that my friends and family need additional support [characters], which leads to the development of characters like Helean and Troje (People of the Sword). That said, I have a deep connection with most of my characters, which makes the writing process a whole lot easier. Take care!


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