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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Hi everyone:

Update on 'RISE OF THE CELTS':

Today seemed fitting for this update. The last two weeks have been difficult getting through the next chapter (which is why further parts of 'VLARA'S SONG' have been delayed). It was one chapter filled with terror, compassion, destruction, villany and heroism (it also included the brazen actions of a raven and a skunk). Ultimately, the chapter was finished and I am able to move forward with the rest of the manuscript. At this point, my initial plan is being overhauled. What had once been planned for one book now is slated to cover two books. It's a lot more writing for me, but I think it does better justice to the generational story line. I owe that to the characters and to all of you.

As for 'VLARA'S SONG,' expect the next chapter to be posted by next week.

Thanks for the continued support and have a happy and safe Saint Patrick's Day!

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