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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Politics in Writing

Hi everyone,

Working on the sequel to PEOPLE OF THE SWORD, I've come to realize just how much I enjoy political intrigue. Political posturing simply makes for good prose. Throw in a coup, add in some elections, a revolt or two, and BAM, you've got plot. OK, for the record, the politics I put into my writing is not meant to criticize anyone or any single party (frankly, both major U.S. parties are providing writers with a lot of material). As an archaeologist by trade, I have a lot of years of history under my belt, which means a lot of references to political action leading to good stories. For those of you looking for writing tips or to write your own tales, politics makes for a good foundation, both for character development and plot. What to expect from my sequel, RISE OF THE CELTS:

1) A military coup
2) Assassination plots
3) A revolution
4) Espionage

Sound like fun? Take care.

Best regards,

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