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Friday, January 15, 2010

Rise of the Celts

Progress on the next book [tentatively titled 'RISE OF THE CELTS'] is progressing. It literally took about a month to make it through two pages of dialogue/narration, which is why LVARA'S SONG has been on the back burner. It's amazing how words can flow quickly and then feel like you've hit a brick wall. In any event, 'RISE OF THE CELTS' is really going o pull in place names from Buffalo, NY and will be more historically based then the 1st book. What's going to be included? The names of rivers, creeks, streets and historic buidlings will surface. Why use the names I heard from childhood? As a writer, I like to visualize stories, and the use of things I've experienced helps in that capacity. If you are a writer and faced with the dreaded 'writer's block,' I encourage you to try this. Name mountains, rivers and cities after ones from your childhood; it will help your writing progress.

P.S. If you're stuck on naming characters, open the phone book and start using LAST names for character 1st names. It always works for me.

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