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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know January's about half over. Yet, as the first blog the the new year, I thought wishing everyone a happy and safe 2010 was acceptable. As for the blog, I am adjusting things just a bit. Aside from the occasional shameless self-promotion (yeah! PEOPLE OF THE SWORD is for sale), I decided to add more on the writing side. For the first blog, I wanted to go over book promotion, something that's important now that holiday sales are over. How do authors publicize their work? I agree with many that there's is now simple answer. My suggestion, find some way to have an online presence (a blog, Twitter, FaceBook, etc). I thought about a web page, but that's just not me. Find an online medium that works for you.

Another suggestion, contact schools you attended and ask them to post an announcement in any alumni publication the institution has. While you are at it, see if the school will host a book signing for you.

Finally, search the internet for ideas. Many agents and authors have posted a variety of advice (some good, some not so good) about ways for authors to get the word out about their publications. Read thru the advice and find something that feels right.

Hope this gives readers at least some direction. Have your own ideas? Reply to this post; I'd love to hear about it. Take care.

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