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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beating Writer's Block a.k.a. why snow is good

For me, winter is always too short [no, I'm not a skiing fanatic]. For me the cold temps and snow are just a great backdrop. Today I woke up to a fresh, five inches of snow that needed to be dealt with before work. I got up at 6am, filled up the snowblower and started to work on the driveway. Funny thing while you're snowblowing: there's not much in the way of distractions, especially at 6am (not counting the swirling blades of course). What passes the time for me? This morning the time enjoying the snow (and the occasional blast of thrown snow in my face) also allowed me to consider part of my sequel, a pivotal part, that had been dogging me. The critical turning point for the two main characters is something I've been considering for years, and I am almost to that point in the novel [so time was running short]. That time this morning helped me consider the bare elements of the story, and, without distractions, I was able to plot out the related scenes [which I immediately outlined once I got into the house]. While I know not everyone enjoys or has access to snow, every writer has an environment or setting that calms them. Find that space or place, and the next time you face "writer's block," spend time in your space; it will help. Take care everyone.

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