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Friday, November 6, 2009

Argus Authors - Robert B. Marchand

Robert B. Marchand, author of 'Caylen's Quest,' made a career in the Canadian Armed Forces. Following that twenty year career, he began a second fifteen year career as a Municipal Public Works Director before beginning his third career as a building manager and a writer of novels in British Columbia, Canada .

His book, 'Caylen's Quest,' follows the adventures of a boy, Caylen, who is forced to become a man at an early age. In a seemingly helpless situation, succor comes from an unusual source; dreams that pervade Caylen's mind, dreams of an old Indian shaman and a huge black wolf. Was the call from the old Indian only a dream? Caylen and Lora was certain that was the situation, and that the Indian and the wolf were merely a dream. But, was it? Suddenly, as Caylen opens the cabin door, a black wolf cub is at his feet. Can the vision from his dream and the mystical promised by the Indian sage lead Caylen to success in his quest for a rich goldmine, justice for his family, and the love of a beautiful Indian maiden?

Interview with Bob Marchand:

1) Which 3 authors would you recommend all writers read? Jean M. Auel, Kathleen O'Neal Gear and Dan Brown

2) Which author impacted most on your writing style? Lean M. Auel

3) What is your favorite element in your book (character, theme, setting, etc.)? I had two favorite elements in my book. #1 was creating "Farris Lubak" the villian, in which I had to create a slang usage of his volcabulary. #2 was the native research I did to create the character "Sania" the native Hopi indian Medicine man.

4) What was your favorite part of the writing process? Describing the boy's (Caylen) adventures in the remote wilderness in the 1900's.

5) What about the publishing process most shocked you? That not all Publishers are created equal. Make sure they also promote and help sell your book.

6) What advice would you give 1st time authors? Go to the website of "Preditors and Editors" and see what they have to say about different Publishers.

My thanks to Bob for taking time to answer my questions.

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