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Friday, October 30, 2009

Argus Authors - Kamelia Sojlevska

Here is the 1st in a series of interviews with authors from Argus Books. In addition to these authors taking time to answer my questions, they’ve also written some great books worth reading. Take care.

Neil (Happy Halloween!)

Kamelia Sojlevska
Author of ‘Quantum Woman—Celestial Man’

Kamelia Sojlevska is a Macedonian published author, documentary scriptwriter and director, a TV host and University lecturer. Born and raised in Macedonia, a small developing country, full of quest for knowledge, she was traveling the world, grasping the cultural, spiritual and social values that were fulfilling her life and creating her originality and individuality. Sharing ideas and communication with the public is her main goal since the beginning of her professional life.

QUANTUM WOMAN--CELESTIAL MAN explores the issues relating to love, identity and belief, and Kamelia’s electrifying book gathers a range of characters around the concept of a journey with potentially wide-reaching implications. It takes into account a particular understanding of human nature in order to explore the relative complexities of a being, in unbelievable twists and turns. The story plot imagines consciousness as a kind of place, largely based on a view of certain scientific and sociological principles.

Which 3 authors would you recommend all writers read?
Marques, Paolo Quelo, Eckhart Tolle

What is your favorite element in your book (character, theme, setting, etc.)?
That the story is written in the "first person" and is still challenging and interesting.

What was your favorite part of the writing process?
The challenge to find a good communication line with the readers and to easy communicate the heavy subject.

What about the publishing process most shocked you?
That it is a longer process than I expected.

What advice do you wish you’d received before you started searching for a publisher?
I wanted somebody to assure me that it will happen.

What advice would you give to writers trying to publish their first book?
Never give up, but to continue no matter what is happening. You just have to find the right people who will understand what you have to give to others.

* Thanks to Kamelia for taking time to answer my questions