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Thursday, April 9, 2009

People of the Sword - Synopsis

Crarnock, the Mage-King of Veron, reasoned that only after humanity's annihilation would the world achieve peace. With the aid of goblin army, Crarnock sets out accomplish this very feat.

People of the Sword chronicles Crarnock's assault on humanity and the effort of the Church knights and their druid allies to thwart the Mage-King's plans. Aside form being outnumbered by the goblin forces, what else serves to hinder humanity's quest to endure? The knights and druids must quell centuries of bias, deceit and distrust that haunts their every move. Of course, it doesn't help matters that the human allies have less than two weeks to organize a counter-attack, traverse the haunted woods of Veron, endure the wrath of an ancient banshee, and scale a frost covered mountain just to reach Crarnock.

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